Q: How long is a sleighride?

A: We have several trails that we use depending on the conditions. The typical ride lasts about 45 minutes then we offer hot chocolate in our house after to warm you back up.


Q:What do you do for a wedding?

A: We can provide you with a horse and carriage for two hours. Some people like to be given a ride from the church to the reception and provide rides for the guests after pictures. Some brides like to be taken to the church and then to the reception. Call to discuss other scenarios.


Q: How long is a horse at your place for training?

A: We take a horse for a minimum of one month. We also like to work with the owner during that time to ensure that the horse doesn't revert back to his old self after going back home.


Q: How far do you travel?

A: We will go anywhere with in four hours one way. Travel expenses are added for long trips.


Q: What are the prices of these different services?

A: Please call for us for a quote. <802.388.6232>


FAQS from riders

Q: Do they like to pull?

A: Yes, they are an animal of movement and need to work to stay healthy.


Q: Isn't it too cold for them?

A: No, they like cold weather. The colder and crispier it is the more they like it. Heat bothers them more.


Q: Can I give them a snack?

A: Definately not!! Any strange food will upset their stomachs. Hand feeding is also out as they cannot tell the difference between your finger and a carrot.


Q: Are they morgans? Are they Klondikes?

A: No, they are Percherons.


FAQS from small Children on a sleighride

Q: When do they go up in the air?

A: They don't only Santa's reindeer can do that.